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Blue engineering has been operating on the market since 2004. We offer a complete custom production of racing cars for almost all automotive motoring disciplines according to the individual requirements of our clients, of course, including after-sales service and provided facilities. Together with our partners, we have the state-of-the-art technologies needed to build racing specials. For our clients we also provide partial parts of racing cars, especially CrMo protective frames and carbon-fiber parts for many world brands.

Although we have the most experience with Škoda and VW, we are able to build the Mitsubishi, Subaru, Ford, Ranault and others on the same level of quality.

We build on our individual approach to our customers and try to meet their requirements and capabilities as much as possible. Our clients include riders such as E. Leganov, K. Skorupski, M. Zeman, J. Paassonen, S. Šusta and many others.

Staffing in Blue engineering offers specialized services for all racing areas. Detailed technical support for car construction and service, vehicle electronics care and engine management, production of skeleton, chassis, safety frame, composite parts and interior, organizational security of production, service and racing weekends.


Blue engineering draws on years of experience in world motorsport. Our cars are constantly evolving and regularly take part in the rallycross racing championship of the European Championship. The evolution of the VW Polo MK4 and Škoda Fabia is the absolute best in the Super 1600 category. 


Blue Engineering Motorsport

In our online store, we offer high quality motorsport products and accessories that we supply to motorsport fans, athletes from private individuals to factory teams.

In the shop you will find a diverse range of high quality brands for each motor sports customer - motorsport. We offer spare parts and accessories from private drivers to the entire work team. We develop and sell various components for a specific racing car platform.

We develop and optimize chassis groups especially for racing cars. We are able to design, manufacture, test and tune suspension for both free-form prototype vehicles and cars with specified body anchor points. In addition to this holistic solution, we also make partial adjustments. We have the methods of reverse engineering and we are able to scan the car skeleton and connecting kinematic points and create the necessary 3D model. We also design and optimize load-bearing tubular structures.

Complete custom construction of racing cars according to the customer's requirements, including subsequent facilities and servicing of the car for almost all automotive motorsports from drifting to rallycross. Together with our partners, we have all the necessary technologies necessary for the production of racing prototypes and their parts. For racing teams we also deal with parts of racing cars, especially engine development, suspension and chassis, replacement of body parts with CrMo tubular structures, design, certification calculations and production of CrMo protective frames, production of exhaust manifolds and TIG welding.


Within our possibilities we offer design development especially of automotive parts, reverse engineering, 3D scanning, 3D modeling, stress modeling and optimization of solid units and tubular structures, fast prototyping and prototype production.